I am a senior lecturer and chair of the Department of Comparative Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where I have been teaching since 2009. My primary research interest lies in the interrelations between literature and ethics in the later Middle Ages and the Italian Renaissance, with a particular emphasis on the works of the “Three Crowns”: Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio. My first book, Petrarch’s Humanism and the Care of the Self, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2010. I am currently working on two book-length projects, the first tentatively entitled Boccaccio and the Consolation of Literature, and the second deals with literary, philosophical, and theological approaches to compassion in the later Middle Ages and the Renaissance. I have published articles on medieval and Renaissance literature in journals such as SpeculumMLN, and I Tatti Studies, and have contributed chapters to The Cambridge Companion to PetrarchThe Cambridge Companion to Boccaccio, and The Oxford Handbook of Medieval Latin Literature. Besides my work on Italian Renaissance Literature, I am interested in the theory and practice of autobiography from antiquity to the present and contemporary theories of affects.